Wet/Dry Issues

Alcohol Justice (formerly the Marin Institute) has published a report on Big Alcohol’s efforts to privatize alcohol sales in control states. The report, titled “Control State Politics: How Big Alcohol is Dismantling Regulation State by State,” explains the likely outcomes to states that turn over alcohol sales to private businesses. These states may experience a short-term cash windfall, but loss of reliable income, coupled with increases in alcohol-related harm, will damage economic stability and public health in the longer term.
Click here for talking points and a fact sheet on the privatization of alcohol sales.
You can access the Alcohol Justice website at http://alcoholjustice.org/
Click on the following links for statistics and other information if you are fighting an alcohol issue in your community.
Telephone Script – Alcohol (Example)
Prohibition Was a Success (print these pages front-to-back and cut in half to use as bulletin inserts)
Youth Drinking Rates and Problems – A comparison of Europe and USA
Not Drinking? No excuse needed. (Dear Abby – 10/2009)
Click here for an informative website called “No Alcohol.”
Click here for an informative website called “Citizens Against Drunk Driving.”
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Click here for Alcohol Justice fact sheets on alcohol issues.
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Click here for “Drs. Oz and Roizen: Busting myths about alcohol.”

Alabama wet/dry counties

In Alabama there are 24 dry counties. However, municipalities that meet certain criteria can vote to go wet even if they are located within a dry county. Click here for a map of the wet/dry counties in Alabama.  Click here to see the names of those wet cities in dry counties.

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