The Death of American Feminism

On Friday, October 21st, Stephanie Holden Smith of the Thatcher Coalition talks to ALCAP President and CEO Greg Davis on Priority Talk about what she sees as the death of American Feminism. Modern Feminism, according to Stephanie, is not what it used to be. How can she say this? A discerning person needs to follow the money and think through the values being espoused.

She says, “My argument is that Feminism as an American movement is not only unnecessary––because American women enjoy every freedom that American men enjoy… The movement has basically been bought and paid for by the abortion lobby, and it’s really just an excuse to advocate for abortion up until birth.”

Stephanie Holden Smith and Greg Davis talk about the history of Feminism and take the listener all the way up to the present day. They also talk about our culture broadly and the state of the economy.

You can listen to the podcast version of the conversation here.

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