Legislative Update – Week 8

Rather than reporting on the past week (I’m not sure I can add anything to the news of the Governor’s resignation), I want to focus attention on one bill that is on the Special Order calendar in the House next Tuesday, April 18.  House Bill (HB) 354 is the second bill on the calendar.  This bill, by Rep. Alan Boothe, will legalize online gambling in Alabama in the form of Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS).

Proponents argue that it is not gambling, but a game of skill. However, many, including casino owners in Las Vegas, have stated that it IS gambling. DFS is not season-long, league play between friends and family. Rather, it is big business in which big companies such as DraftKings and FanDuel will be the biggest winners. Players compete against hundreds of thousands of people around the world and can play on a daily basis.

We need for church members and pastors to contact their House Members in large numbers!  If you can come to the Alabama State House on Tuesday and speak to your House Member personally, please do so!

To read the facts about Daily Fantasy Sports, click here.  Click here for a PBS documentary on Daily Fantasy Sports.  To find your House Member’s contact information, click here.


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