Legislative Update – Week 2

Due to winter weather problems last week in the Alabama Legislature was disrupted. Legislators met on Tuesday for a brief time, but postponed Wednesday committee meetings since state offices were closed due to the snow and ice. When they reconvened on Thursday, both houses again met briefly and a few bills were passed.

Senate bills being monitored by ALCAP that received a 2nd reading and now may be brought to the floor of the Senate for a vote include the following:

SB1 – Driving under the influence, ignition interlock provisions further provided for…
SB20 – “Drowsy Driving” bill
SB28 – Sexual crimes against students
SB39 – Schedule I controlled substances including additional drugs
SB151 – Terrorist threats, crime further defined
SB170 – Police powers, Indian tribes, authorized for Poarch Creek

House bills being monitored by ALCAP that received a 2nd reading and now may brought to the floor of the House for a vote include the following:

HB26 – Smoking tobacco products inside motor vehicle when children are present
HB27 – Sexual crimes against students
HB38 – Parental rights of any person committing rape terminated
HB57 – Domestic violence
HB59 – Domestic violence
HB77 – Childersburg Sunday alcohol sales
HB84 – Schedule I controlled substances expanded
HB207 – Dale County alcoholic beverages issue
HB208 – Ozark alcoholic beverages Sunday sales
HB210 – Dale county alcoholic beverages Sunday sales

Legislators sponsoring bills that are local in nature (Dale County, Ozark, Childersburg, etc.) need to hear from local pastors and church members. If you live in any of these communities, please contact your House member and/or Senator and ask them to stop pushing passage of these bills.

This Wednesday, January 24, we expect several pro-life bills to be in committee. Pray that these bills will pass out of committee and be sent to the full House or Senate for a vote. The pro-life bills include:


We also hope that a human trafficking bill (SB179) will pass out of committee on Wednesday.

If you live in Rep. Danny Crawford’s district, please let him know that you oppose HB32 that he is sponsoring. This bill would allow a marina to sell alcoholic beverages for on-premises and off-premises consumption. Rep. Crawford is a good man, but local leaders are pushing for this expansion of alcohol.

Thank you for your continued prayers for ALCAP! Please let your legislators hear from you, as well as talking to the Lord about these bills!

We believe it is possible to change a self-destructive youth culture, but we need you.

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American Character Builders is now ALCAP Education