Summary of Provisions of the Alabama Human Life Protection Act and Comments

To Pregnancy Resource Centers, from Eric Johnston The Alabama Human Life Protection Act (“AHLPA”) was signed into law on May 15, 2019. A federal court lawsuit was filed resulting in a preliminary injunction, which subsequently was dissolved by court order on June 24, 2022, as a result of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in  Dobbs […]

Roe and Casey Overruled – Abortion is not a Constitutional Right any Longer

An Educational Update from Eric Johnston of the Southeast Law Institute In 2018, the Alabama Pro-Life Coalition thought the time might be ripe for a review of Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey, which legalized abortion on demand.  In 2019, we authored the Alabama Human Life Protection Act (“AHLPA”), with the idea of […]

Dr. George Barna on the Issues That Matter Most This November

Dr. George Barna, who is with the Cultural Research Center, discussed his latest research concerning the upcoming November elections with ALCAP President and CEO Greg Davis on Monday, October 31st. They covered the issues that matter most to the public, including inflation and crime. They also talked about the issues that prospective voters cared about […]

Gambling Issues in Alabama

On Wednesday, October 19, attorney Eric Johnston of The Southeast Law Institute joined ALCAP President and CEO Greg Davis on Priority Talk to update the citizens of Alabama on various gambling issues in the state. They walk through the history of gambling in the state, and bring the conversation to the present day. With the […]

The Fight Against Legalized Marijuana in Alabama

On Thursday, October 13, ALCAP President and CEO Greg Davis joined with ALCAP advisor Christine Carr in releasing an open letter to Alabama urging them to be aware and act against the acceptance of medical marijuana in their community. They write that many innocent people with honest intentions are tricked into supporting a movement that […]

Governor Ivey Signs VCAP and Bathroom Bills

Great news to report! Governor Ivey has signed both SB184 and HB322! SB184, also known as the Vulnerable Child Compassion and Protection act, prevents parents from allowing hormone blockers and/or surgical procedures to be used on their children under the age of 19. There are exceptions in the legislation for using hormone blockers, but they […]

Final Week – Alabama Legislative Session 2022

SEXUAL ISSUES RELATED TO CHILDREN On Thursday, April 7, 2022, the last day of the Regular Session, we experienced two stunning victories in the Alabama Legislature. The Alabama Senate passed HB322 that requires school children to use the bathroom that matches their sex at birth. An amendment was added that prevents sexual orientation from being taught […]

Week 12 – Alabama Legislative Session 2022

GAMBLING As reported in our “ALCAP Alert!” earlier this week, the competing gambling expansion bills in the House and Senate cancelled out one another. Both sets of bills could not find enough support, so the leadership in both houses have decided to stop pushing all gambling for the 2022 Regular Session. This is good news, […]

Gambling Expansion Bills “Dead” for this Legislative Session

Great news to report! It appears that all gambling expansion bills (HB501, HB502, SB293, SB294) are “dead” for this legislative session. We will give more details in our weekly ALCAP Update at the end of the week. Thank you for your prayers and for contacting your legislators concerning this issue.It is possible, but unlikely that […]

Week 11 – Alabama Legislative Session 2022

This week’s update is a little different because the Alabama Legislature is on Spring Break. They return next week (March 29) with only 7 legislative days left to do business. Instead of focusing on such important bills as the Vulnerable Child Compassion and Protection Act (VCAP bills HB150 and SB184), which protect children from parents […]