ALCAP ALERT Dated 7/29/2016

Governor Bentley announced this morning that he is calling for the Special Session of the Alabama Legislature to consider a constitutional amendment allowing Alabama to vote on a state-sponsored lottery will begin August 15.

Please contact your House Member and State Senator and let them know that you oppose this government scheme that has failed in every state where it has been enacted!

I am asking you to do the following:

1) Contact your House Member and State Senator and ask him/her to oppose any pro-gambling legislation during the Special Session and get others to do the same.

2) Order the EDUCATION EDITION of a new documentary entitled, “OUT OF LUCK.”  Be sure to order the EDUCATION EDITION because that version drops the sound when foul language is used.  The original version contains some offensive language at different times during the movie.  The movie is 1 hour and 45 minutes, but every church and every legislator in Alabama should see this movie, so invite your legislators to watch the movie with you.  We have purchased about 50 copies of the EDUCATION VERSION of the “OUT OF LUCK” DVD and if you want to order from us, the cost is $24.99 + shipping (our cost; ALCAP will get nothing out of this; the education version costs more than the original version which can be purchased on or iTunes).  Click here to contact the ALCAP office to request a copy of the education edition of the video.  If you would like to order the education edition directly from Amazon, click here.

Remember, we will not be voting on just selling lottery tickets in Alabama. Several years ago the Alabama Supreme Court defined a lottery as “any game of chance.” That means that if the people of Alabama pass a Constitutional Amendment legalizing a lottery, the Alabama Legislature can come back and pass enabling legislation that legalizes casinos throughout the state.

Also, the Legislature will come back every year wanting to expand the gambling options because people get addicted and want more options, and because the revenue from each form of gambling diminishes over time. This is what has happened in every state that has passed lottery legislation!


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