ALCAP Alert! 5/15/2019

In November of 2018 the citizens of Alabama voted overwhelmingly for a constitutional amendment supporting pro-life legislation. Yesterday’s vote on House Bill 314 by the Alabama Senate and the vote of the Alabama House of Representatives a few weeks ago demonstrated that legislators are listening to their constituents.

We fully expect that, once the Governor signs the bill into law, it will be challenged in court. Our hope and prayer is that this law will be used to overturn the 1973 Roe v. Wade Decision by the United States Supreme Court and that the lives of babies in the wombs of their mothers will be protected once again in our state and nation.

We are grateful for the courage of the Alabama Legislators who voted for this bill in the face of tremendous pressure from opponents of pro-life legislation.

Be sure to contact your State Senator and House Member (if they voted in favor of the bill) and thank them. Click here to find how your Senator voted. Click here to find how your House Member voted. Note that Rep. Chris Sells intended to vote Yea. Click here to find your legislators contact information.

Click here for a synopsis of HB314 by ALCAP Board Member and President of the Alabama Pro-Life Coalition, A. Eric Johnston.

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