ALCAP Alert! 3/20/2019

After passing the gas tax during the Special Session, the Alabama Legislators resumed the 2019 Regular Session on Tuesday, March 19. As expected, Sen. Jim McClendon (R-St. Clair County) introduced Senate Bill 116 (SB116) that would legalize a state-sponsored lottery in Alabama. The general feeling is that a lottery bill will pass the Legislature and be placed on the ballot as a constitutional amendment for the people of Alabama to decide.

Legislators often tell me they are opposed to gambling, but they “just want to give the people a chance to vote.” While I was not as opposed to the gas tax as many of my friends, it is interesting to me that many of these same legislators did not think it was necessary for the people to vote on the gas tax. The fact is, we did vote when we elected these legislators to come to Montgomery and make decisions based on information that the general public either does not have the time or the interest in studying.

Let me encourage you to take two actions:

1) Contact your State Senator and House Member and ask him or her to oppose ALL pro-gambling bills.

2) Study the issue of gambling yourself, so you can respond to people in your circle of influence.

You can find information about gambling at

You can also order from Amazon, watch and show the video documentary, “Out of Luck.” Be sure and order the “Education Edition,” which drops the sound on the bad words that are scattered throughout the video. Obviously, this video was produced by non-Christian people who argue against state-sponsored lotteries on the basis of economics rather than moral reasons. While there are plenty of moral reasons to oppose state-sponsored gambling, economically, all state-sponsored or state-sanctioned gambling is a failed policy that targets the poorest citizens of the state.

Other bills we are monitoring include House Bill 6 (HB6) that limits distracted driving (especially, cell phone use while driving), sponsored by Rep. Allen Farley (R-Jefferson County), and several local Sunday alcohol sales and entertainment district bills.

Pray that legislators will do what is best for the citizens of our state.

We believe it is possible to change a self-destructive youth culture, but we need you.

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